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Sunday, November 22, 2009

CUSTOM Boutique DOTS Dress Cloche Hat 2-6

I love MM"s fabric and the classic, timeless design of black/white...!

This auction is for the Halter Dress with Cloche Hat ONLY...! I've done many of these sets and vary the prints for a OOAK custom design so I included additional pics of the new fabrics that will be used in the skirt of the halter dress.

The dress is a V neck halter dress, with the halter being made in MM's ETC fabric. The skirt is a double skirt...with longer black skirt. strip skirt with varying fabrics and black ruffle where bodice connects with the skirt. A fabric flower with accented center is at the waist of the skirt and on the cloche hat.

Boutique Snoopy Vida Christmas Dress

WOW! Will this make the BEST Christmas pictures or what?!?! This dress is soo cuuuuute with the addition of little jingly bells on the Christmas Tree for extra fun when she walks and dances!!

This EURO inspired dress has tons of details from yards and yards of ruffles, rick rack and fun appliques of Snoopy trimming his holiday tree and a sweet Schultz Style tree on the back complete with three dimensional tree trimmings and hand painted accents.

CPSC Allowing Mattel to do thier own testing....

Look what I have found..what are your thoughts on this...:(

By a unanimous vote, the CPSC recently confirmed that Mattel, the giant toymaker whose many recalls helped touch off the lead-in-toys panic in the first place, has qualified for an exemption from third-party (outside lab) testing of its products under CPSIA, and can instead test in its own in-house labs. Of course, most of Mattel’s competitors are less fortunate and do not operate on a scale that will make such an exemption feasible. The exemption for “firewalled” in-house labs, deemed by one critic a “hall pass,” was something Mattel obtained through intense lobbying back when the law was under consideration. Like the other giant in the business, Hasbro, Mattel actively lobbied for CPSIA’s passage, and even as the law has brought undreamt-of woe to thousands of smaller producers of kids’ products, the two big companies seem to be doing rather well under it. More: Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner; Brad Warbiany, Liberty Papers; Christopher Taylor, Word Around the Net. Other reactions to the exemption: Holly Jahangiri, Rick Woldenberg, Ed Morrissey/Hot Air (”one of the companies that created the problem in the first place has gotten a waiver”), Katherine Mangu-Ward/Reason (”Mattel now has a cost advantage on mandatory testing, and a handy new government-sponsored barrier to entry for its competitors”), Handmade Toy Alliance.

It’s old news, of course, that the CPSC asserts the power to go after eBay and Craigslist sellers, church bazaars, homeowners who hold yard sales and other sellers of used items that do not comply with CPSIA and other safety standards (although evidence is very sparse that most members of Congress actually realized the law would reach sales of those kinds.) Last month the CPSC saw fit to announce “Resale Roundup”, a new crackdown on secondhand sales.

What did we ever do before the CPSIA protected the US through its throngs of federal nannies? How did we ever survive garage sales in the past 233 years?”), Washington Times (”from yard sales to jail cells”), Katherine Mangu-Ward/Reason, John Stossel, Deputy Headmistress/Common Room (”Remember when Congress assured us that the little guys had NOTHING to worry about with the CPSIA because they weren’t going to come after us? They. Lied.”

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boutique Holiday Christmas Applique Scottie Apron Dress Set

Celebrate the holidays in this adorable,
Large Applique Scottie Holiday Dress and Apron set.
Ready to be barking at your door in size 3 4/5 Depending on length.
Brand new for my winter collection this adorable Scottie
two pc holiday set!

Mercer St. Owls-- Little Zip pouch

NEW! Adorable Owls on Mercer Street designer fabric makes this pouch a wonderful addition to any handbag!!
If you like this little zip but want it in another fabric feel free to contact me!

Size:4 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Pink Polka Dot and White Chenille Tooth Fairy Pillow

Beautiful Pink Polka Dot & Chenille Yooth fairy Pillow hangs easily on the door knob or bedpost.

Boutique Christmas Pewter Charm Bracelet Silver

Pewter Christmas Holiday Charms

Sterling Silver curved tubes

Swarovski crystals

Sterling silver lobster clasp or silver toned toggle

Custom sized

My first Daughter to get Married...

Tabberone"s VeRO Commandments...A helpful site for Designers....Who have TROLLs on their back...

If you are having issues with items being pulled by Ebay...This will be very helpful to you as a Seller....Click on the Cat logo!! Tabberone words to me were: Education is power!!!!