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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Myself Belts are unlike any belt you seen before!

What a great invention! These belts are so easy to do, even young kids will have no trouble fastening and unfastening their own belts. Not only do Myself Belts make potty time much easier on Mom and Dad, they encourage a sense of accomplishment and independence in growing kids.

Promotes independence & boosts self-esteem!
One-handed closure easy to fasten & unfasten!
Mom-invented, award-winning belts for kids!
Perfect for special needs; adult belt sizes too!
Functional, fashionable, and fun to wear!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Custom Made SUMMER FLIP FLOP Purse

Custom Retro Mickey Auction

Custom Bows-Fourth of July-Boutique-Patriotic

5 Reasons Breakfast Is a Must for Kids....

How many times have you heard "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"?
Kids who eat breakfast:
1. Do better in school
2. Have fewer behavioral problems
3. Have better concentration, more energy, and better hand-eye coordination
4. Are more likely to meet their nutritional needs overall
5. Have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight
Mornings can be hectic in any family, and getting kids -- So if you can't make the morning meal happen at home, send kids off with healthy on-the-go breakfasts to eat on the way," says Dr. Jen. "The night before, have them help you fill plastic zipper bags with things like nuts, raisins, and Os cereal; orange slices; low-fat granola; cheese and crackers; sliced apple ‘sandwich cookies’ filled with peanut butter . . . or anything else reasonably healthy that you know they'll eat, whether it's ‘breakfast food' or not. A chicken sandwich on whole wheat?
1. Plenty of fiber and protein -- it will keep kids full and energized until lunch.
2. Minimal sugar -- too much can send energy soaring up, and then crashing down, before the morning's half over.
3. Some healthful fat, especially omega-3s -- turns out that kids who eat more of these fats do better on short-term memory tests (and they ace pop quizzes!) than kids who eat more saturated fat (think butter, bacon, sausage, pastries, full-fat milk and cheese).
One easy way to get good omega-3 fats into your kids: Sprinkle walnuts or almonds on their cereal.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Add your Thoughts here....

Everyone stay Safe and enjoy the 3 day weekend and lets remember why its MEMORIAL DAY Weekend!!!!!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Do people every think when they Talk.....

This came from a great group..that wanted to know "whats your pet peeve on a auction". Well to our person we will not mention!! Came out of left field with this comment.... Spelling is a big one for me. If you don't sound very educated I guess I picture someone living in the slums making the clothes and well that's just not a pretty picture. Sorry,
I have to LOL..with this one...HAHAHA..ok MISS educated...did you ever know that most people that are running this world can not spell right and most of the time its trying to type quick or in a hurry...get a grip on your world!!!
As a Designer I'm disgusted with the comment and glad they delete it, so no one will remember who the narrow minded person was....sorry for the Designers that got hurt by this, but I'm not sorry for the person that posted it!!! What are your thought on this left field comment.

Custom Boutique Pirate Mickey Tee

Patriotic Patchwork Sundress

Friday, May 18, 2007

The new way to post an item....What do you think!!!

Boutique Flourish Cover Girls.....

These are the winners to Boutique Flourish Cover Magazines!!

Congrats To the Designers and the adorable kids who modeled them and all 3 winners will get they own page..remember to sign up for next months..and please remember to read the rules.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dress made from human hair: would you wear it?

A Croatian company has made a dress entirely from human hair.
Designers at the Artidjana company used 165ft of blonde hair in the dress which was modelled at a fashion show in the capital Zagreb.
Model Simona Gotovac stunned the crowds when she appeared on the catwalk wearing the human hair dress.
Even if you could buy the dress, the question is: would you wear it?

Custom Bear Cub Friends Boys 2pc

This darling 2-pc set will be recreated for the winning bidder in a size 12 to 6.
Created By: maddie*kate

National Pageant Nautical Wear

Patriotic Nautical casualwear tulle twirl set for your little princess. You may select between size 6 months and 4T.
Created By: 3sweetps*boutique

Monday, May 14, 2007

Patriotic Nautical BOYS CUSTOM

Super Cute Set for the Boys.
This Cute Patriotic Nautical themed Boys set is being offered.
Created By: park*ave*designs

Bullied teen awarded income for life......

A bullied teenager will receive substantial damages and an income for life after a Supreme Court judge found NSW educational authorities failed in their duty of care to deal with playground assaults and bullying.
He will receive at least $220,000 for pain and suffering.
What are your thought on this!!!!!

This Grandma is a woman after my own heart and her whole family cheered her own.
At nearly 80 years of age, Sylvia DeVries figured she'd do "the most ultimate thing she could think of," and went skydiving.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Custom Black & White 2pc Set

This is a 2 piece set and will be recreated for your sweetheart in size 12M-6. White gauze flowy top with a beautiful black flower with glistening stones in the center, which is removeable. This sweet top will just flow as your sweetheart walks, along with the super comfy capris, black with white embroidered flowers.

Created By: *giggle*girls*


This was given to us and we decided to post it:

Who gives a PERSON the right to say...who is professional & who is not and to tell Designers who are in there group to remove their listing cause its not part of their guidelines!!!!
Its bad enought that some Buyers have made some Designers think that thier Outfits will ONLY sell if REAL models are in thier outfits. So what gives here, Who gives people the right to say you QUALIFY and you DON'T!!!
Is this one of the reason why some Designers choose to stay away from groups and if so this is a shame.
The one thing we most all remember is we all start sewing from when we were young and not all of us are VERSACE, but we all need to be treated with RESPECT and have compassion for any Designer.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Little miss Firecracker!

This Red white and blue set came out so cute we love it! Your Little firecracker will steel the show with this set!

Created By: miss*skyes*flutterbys

Tommy Lee dressing your kids?????

Tommy Lee just announced that he would be adding a children's collection to his fashion label, People's Liberation for Tommy Lee.
At a recent appearance at Bloomingdale's in San Francisco, Tommy Lee said that he was excited to get into children's clothing, and that he hoped a complete women's line would be just around the corner.
Would you want Tommy Lee dressing your kids?

The right to trademark it?

What do you think? Should celebrities be allowed to trademark their children's names?

'Shiloh' is not the most popular baby name in the world, but does obscurity give Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh blah blah blah Jolie-Pitt the right to trademark it?

To protect her daughter's name, Jolie filed a notice of opposition with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office. "The notice of opposition alleges that you will be damaged by the pending trademark," says Thomas M. Wilentz, a trademark attorney in New York City. "Angelina must feel that people applying for 'Shiloh' need to get her consent."

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I heard it ALL " Glue Braclets....

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to make bracelets, look no further. Glue bracelets are not only easy to make, but will capture the eye of your friends because of their trendy look

Fun for the kids to do on those rainy Days!!!!

Click on the title and it will show you how...have fun

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Custom made Shrek Puss & Boots Necklace

Any Child will love this Puss and Boots Necklace. We addded sliver sleeves with an opening to see the black necklace with silvers balls.
Created By: edgeman6


Get ready for Sherk 3!!!!
This Boys set is too adorable to pass up.
Created By: pbandj*creations

Hello Kitty enters cartoon bride market

Cartoon-inspired bridal wear is apparently an industry on the rise. You probably noticed the release of Disney's new bridal collection, as it's been plastered all over the Internet the last couple of days, but the real news is that there's another player on the scene: Hello Kitty.

Armani ad causes controversy

Giorgio Armani has become the latest designer to get in trouble for a racy ad campaign. This one involves kids. Like swimsuit designer Ashley Paige, Armani is felling the heat for showing a little girls in a bikini. The advertisement has authorities in Madrid debating on whether the image on Armani's website children's clothing website, Armani Junior should be withdrawn. Parents have complained about the ads because the little girls aren't portrayed looking like little girls but like mini versions of models. The Armani firm has issued a statement saying the matter is under review. The picture seems pretty innocent to me, what do you think?

The mannequins are getting bigger too

Yes, the weight of the average American is steadily rising and vanity sizing is everywhere, but are the mannequins getting bigger too?

The Chicago Tribune an interesting piece on mannequins, those slim beauties gracing store windows. The average mannequin is six inches taller and six sizes smaller than the average American woman and as we get bigger the mannequins set a less realistic example of what the clothes will look like on your body. Mannequins often reflect fashion trends, current mannequins have larger bottoms and are more curvaceous, some even resembling women with breast implants. In the article, body image expert and professor of psychology at Missouri State University in Springfield, Brooke L. Whisenhunt, says that "anytime you see clothing on the mannequin or model there's pressure to look like them and fit into the clothes." The recent deaths of anorexic models have made some think of reevaluating the slim ideal of the mannequin. Mannequins in a size 8 instead of the traditional 4 to 6 are becoming the norm and the demand for plus-sized mannequins is on the rise. What do you think Styledashers, would you rather have a mannequin that reflects your size or one that reflect the designers' idea.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Boutique Spring Boys Frog Froggy Overalls

This auction is for a pair of boutique froggy overalls for your little prince.


Celebrate your little darling's love of Dalmatians and polka dots with this ensemble. She is sure to capture all the attention and the hearts of many while wearing this set. This OOAK outfit is ready to ship to your waiting arms. This set would best fit sizes 4/5.
Created By: daphne551

"Spring Paisley"

This is our newest addition to our spring line we know you will be as pleased as we are!
This wonderful 6 piece dress set is fun, colorful and ready for spring!
Created By: bows4zoie

My first Daughter to get Married...

Tabberone"s VeRO Commandments...A helpful site for Designers....Who have TROLLs on their back...

If you are having issues with items being pulled by Ebay...This will be very helpful to you as a Seller....Click on the Cat logo!! Tabberone words to me were: Education is power!!!!