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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to make Pussy Cat Ears

All you need are these simple things

You Need:
Plastic Headband
Ears Pattern
Animal Print Foam
Black Craft Foam
Five Brass Fasteners
Wire Cutters
Low Temp Glue Gun
Black Permanent Marker
Cut a piece of black foam to 2-1/2" x 12". Center it on the top of the plastic head band. Glue the foam in place using a low temp glue gun. Taper the foam along both edges to 3/8" an inch. Begin at the middle of one side and foam the foam over the edge of the head band and glue in place. Continue by doing the other half of the same side. Repeat for the other side.
Use wire cutters to snip the prongs of the brass fasteners. Bend the remaining prong pieces down. Glue fastener heads to the top of the foam covered head band beginning in the center and spacing 3/4" apart.
Print Ears Pattern. Staple to animal print foam all around the outsides of the ears. Cut out all four ears. Use a black marker to color in the white edges of the ears. Glue pieces back to back so you will have two ears with animal print on both sides. Glue ears to head band.

Retro Corduroy 2 Piece Set

Custom Size 2t-5. Great Retro 2 Piece Set Made of the most yummy corduroy fabrics. Elastic waist pants, zipper back dress can be worn alone or with the pants.
Created By: mamigirlboutique

M2M Halloween Hair Bows

These particular bows were M2M edgeman6 and come embellished with little white ghosts and black bats to complete the look! They can be recreated in 3.5", 4", or 4.5" sizes and attached to your choice of a 1.75" alligator "pinch" clip or 2.25" french barrettes.
Created By: petite*pretties

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fashion is bad for your health??????

Well this can be funny to most and to other not, but had to share...
Jeans: To me and most jeans don't quite look perfect until you have squeezed (baggy jeans just aren't cute) into them then properly broken them in. Well even the tiniest hips can suffer from tight fitting jeans as they could cause nerve damage. A Canadian doctor has found that pressure around the waistband of hipsters can pinch a nerve under the hipbone and cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica.

Thongs/ Panties: VPL is gross, so we opt for things that crawl up our backside like thongs and g-strings. But Dr. Thomas Gent from the Association of Gynecologists believes friction damage from the underwear's string section can aid the spread of bacteria and cause fungal infections (nasty).

Bras: For a big night on the town we all want to show a little cleavage. But did you know that push-up bras can cause you some problems? The squeezing is said to cause difficulty breathing which in extreme case can cause irritable bowel syndrome and constipation (ewwww).

Handbags: An oversized tote may dwarf your figure, but that heavy handbag can also cause neck strain, and shoulder tendonitis.

Sunglasses: Now what could be wrong with these? Scratched glasses can cause non UV-absorbing spots on the glasses which can cause more damage than not wearing glasses at all, which can score you cataracts as you age.

Shoes: I saved the most obvious for last. Too high or uncomfortable shoes can cause bunions, corns, calluses, and hammertoes. They can also cause stress to the rest of your body in the form on knee, hip, and spine pain. Ouch.

Barney's makes recycling Cool

Between August 6th and August 19th you can bring in your old jeans and trade them in for 20% off any of the following brands at Barney's: 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, James Jeans, Helmut Lang, Loomstate, Rogan, and many more. Don't think for a minute that you are the only one reaping the benefits of this fabulous deal. All jeans will be donated to your local Big Brothers and Sisters charity.

Halloween Skirt Set

Halloween Set is made with darling skirt and initial tee with matching tote!
This set will be recreated for you in sizes 15 months to a 5T.
Created By: candycaneboutique

Trick Or Treat Set

This Adorable 3 pc set includes:
flat front,3 tiered ruffle back skirt
Matching T-shirt
and Goodie bag.
Created By: doodlebug*baby

Halloween homespun set

SPOOKTACULAR Halloween set, "Bell knobs and broomsticks", which consists of: Appliqued tee....jumper top with button straps and big bow tie at back....burmuda shorts....matching purse.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fall Pumpkin Patch Set

Up for your consideration is this Adorable 2pc Pumpkin Patch Set.Fall Is in the air in this Darling 2 pc Applique Pumpkin an Leaves Set!
Created By: renessewniques


Boutique Custom purse out of the adorable Snoopy and the Peanut Gang Halloween Pumpkin fabric. What is not to love?? Beautiful quality fabric and the rich colors of Halloween. Snoopy, Charlie Brown Lucy and loads of ghosts - TOO CUTE!! Treat yourself!!
Created By: seamsbycyndijo

Pumpkin Fall Set

This was made for those of you who live in areas that still have warm fall weather and love pumpkins.


On the front is a cute applique of Pumpkins and Ghost--She will LOVE wearing this to school -parties and shopping at the mall
Created By: jbscustomcreations

Authentic Coo Coo Pumpkin Patch 3 pc Tutu Costume

INCLUDED IS: Corset Top - Gray Shirt -Tutu

Any Little girl is sure to get a bunch of compliments with this Pumpkin Patch TuTu Set.
Pink Hair is not included...LOL
Created By: edgeman6

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mattel Recall of Chinese Toys Will Cost $30 Million

Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Mattel Inc., the world's largest toymaker, said a recall of 1.5 million Chinese-made products will reduce second-quarter operating income by almost 50 percent and that it will review the production methods of all its contractors in China.
The recall of toys, including Sesame Street dolls, that may contain excessive lead levels will cut $30 million from Mattel's previously reported operating income of $63.5 million. The company didn't say what the impact on net income would be.
The lead discovery might force Mattel to find new sources of low-cost goods and may further damage China's reputation as an exporter, following a recall of ``Thomas & Friends'' toys, a U.S. ban on Chinese toothpaste and scandals involving tainted cooking oil and diseased pork.
``Mattel has for many years been a leader in product safety,'' said Sean McGowan, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities in New York. ``This serves as a reminder that even the most diligent companies are vulnerable to the materials that get supplied to their factories.''
Mattel stopped production and shipping of the affected toys and began an investigation around July 7, Walter said in an interview. Two-thirds of the affected toys never hit store shelves, according to company spokeswoman Lisa Marie Bongiovanni.
(Consumers wishing more information about the recall should contact Fisher-Price at +1-800-916-4498.)

Nightmare@ Before Christmas Soldered Pendant Necklace

If your a fan & lover..get yourself one of these beautiful Necklaces.
Created By: traysclay44

Custom HALLOWEEN Deco Sneakers

This auction is for a child's pair of deco shoes in toddler and girl's sizes.
Created BY: pink*marshmallow

My first Daughter to get Married...

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