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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Buyers Thoughts.....on buying Boutique Items..

Hello, my name is Jami, I was asked if I would answer a few questions and send some pics of outfits that I have bought through ebay.
My favorite designer is Irene or on ebay renesewuniques. I started buying outfits through her a few months ago. My first purchase was a red, black and white corset. I soon ordered the skirt that went along with it. I was so excited I couldn't hardly wait to get it. It was during this transaction that I got to know Rene a little bit. She was so nice and helpful. I was hooked. I had bought other boutique items before, but never ran across a seller as nice as she is.
I've only been buying boutique items for less than a year. I can't believe it took me so long to find things like this. I love the customized outfits for my daughter and son.
The first thing I do when I find an outfit that I like is read the description, to see if the appliques are sewed, if seams are serged, and if new or used clothing was used. The next thing I look at is the feedback. I have been burned by a few different sellers. So I make sure what the negatives are for. If you can't tell, I buy all my boutique items from ebay.
I have included 5 pictures of my son and daughter. All the outfits you see have been made by Rene.


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Boutique Flourish said...

WOw Jami Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!! It's always a pleasure designing something for your sweeties!!!
Jami is a wondeful customer and so easy to work with love the pictures she sends me all the time of her little ones in my set thank you so much Jami!!!

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