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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Will the Girl Scouts sell drugs with cookies?

Since their announcement of no longer selling cookies with trans fats, many have wondered if the Girl Scouts have been looking for a way to get to the hearts and wallets of the trans-fat loving American public. Enter Johnson & Johnson and a very odd group of marketers.According to a story on, the drug company plans on marketing a campaign where non-profits, such as the Girl Scouts, will "be encouraged to sell pain relievers and cough medicine to their relatives and neighbors."Could you IMAGINE that? "Hey Grandma, I hear you have a cough. Well, I have some medicine right here for you...but it will cost ya."

While this article says that the Scouts have no intention (at least the group mentioned), I'm definitely curious if groups will start catching on.I'm no fan of the poor kids going door to door to sell overpriced candy bars (why oh why do they always have nuts in them?) but a kid peddling "drugs?"

I'll pass.

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