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Monday, July 16, 2007

No models under 16 in Britain

A British fashion industry inquiry has determined that girls under the age of sixteen should not be allowed to model clothing. The chairwoman of the panel, Baroness Kingsmill, said it was "profoundly inappropriate" for young girls to be dressed up like adults.
The Baroness said that panel members became "increasingly concerned" about the conditions teen models endured as well as their vulnerability in the unregulated and unmonitored business. "We have been given startling medical evidence about the prevalence and impact of eating disorders in certain high-risk industries," she said. The panel called for scientific study of the eating disorders in the industry.She also noted that "the risk of sexualising these children was high and designers could risk charges of sexual exploitation." All in all, the recommendation is to keep girls under 16 off the catwalks. The British Fashion Council has said they will follow the council's final recommendations when they are published in September.
What are your thoughts on this!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the runway modeling but not childrens clothes.

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