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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fashion is bad for your health??????

Well this can be funny to most and to other not, but had to share...
Jeans: To me and most jeans don't quite look perfect until you have squeezed (baggy jeans just aren't cute) into them then properly broken them in. Well even the tiniest hips can suffer from tight fitting jeans as they could cause nerve damage. A Canadian doctor has found that pressure around the waistband of hipsters can pinch a nerve under the hipbone and cause a condition called meralgia paresthetica.

Thongs/ Panties: VPL is gross, so we opt for things that crawl up our backside like thongs and g-strings. But Dr. Thomas Gent from the Association of Gynecologists believes friction damage from the underwear's string section can aid the spread of bacteria and cause fungal infections (nasty).

Bras: For a big night on the town we all want to show a little cleavage. But did you know that push-up bras can cause you some problems? The squeezing is said to cause difficulty breathing which in extreme case can cause irritable bowel syndrome and constipation (ewwww).

Handbags: An oversized tote may dwarf your figure, but that heavy handbag can also cause neck strain, and shoulder tendonitis.

Sunglasses: Now what could be wrong with these? Scratched glasses can cause non UV-absorbing spots on the glasses which can cause more damage than not wearing glasses at all, which can score you cataracts as you age.

Shoes: I saved the most obvious for last. Too high or uncomfortable shoes can cause bunions, corns, calluses, and hammertoes. They can also cause stress to the rest of your body in the form on knee, hip, and spine pain. Ouch.

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