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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall 2007 Winter 2008 Key Colour Trends

The key new fashion colours for Autumn Winter 2007/8 are as usual darker tones than the summer palette. This winter the strawberry ice of summer has gained strength to become the red colour called chilli pepper. Purple, also a summer hue, is now a key colour in the Autumn Winter 2007/8 fashion colour palette.
According to Pantone the colour specialist, their main colour trends for fashion in autumn 2007 concentrates on the base colour palette of purple wine, cashmere rose, lemon curry, green moss, a soft violet blue, a blue grey green, a deep turquoise, chilli pepper red, burnt ochre and an espresso brown.
The Bold Brights
Jewel colours make up the bulk of the bold brights - orange, coral, pink, red, emerald green, rose amethyst and purple.
Golden Days
For Autumn Winter 2007/8 golden liquid lame disco diva dresses glimmer and dazzle especially suiting the young.
Black on Black
Black texture on texture, matte against shiny, against dull, against shimmering.
Note the yellow tones moving for instance toward olive, moss and cardamom as in the Miss Selfridge dress above. Gold also moves from palest gold, richer deeper 24k gold, through into rose gold, copper and ginger effects.
Shimmer is everywhere. Watch out for metallic copper effects on leather jackets and evening fabrics.

Monochrome Options
Black with white optical effects give many options. This summer saw lots of black and white spot variations, now for autumn 2007 notice how this current trend plays well to plaids and checks. This fashion trend for black and white has been a fashion love affair for years. Last autumn 2006, black and white looks favoured dog and houndstooth checks. This winter check out the alternative bold black and white tablecloth plaids.
Grey, silver, anthracite and charcoal make for grey knitwear, military tailoring, masculine trouser looks and slinky silver satin glamour.
It's not just silver grey and gunmetal grey garments that act as basic neutrals. Look out for cream and coffee cream clothes with texture on texture.
Bold Blues
This year the blue hues have taken off. In particular manufacturers have worked on springs electric blues. Royal blue is used for parkas and jackets. There are strong bold blues in the stores now as well as many greyed blues.
So near to burnt umber earth tones, terracotta and orange you will find coral tones merge with richer muddy reds. Jolts of red can add instant impact to dull outfits.
Rich red is a great colour choice for an evening dress.

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