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Saturday, August 1, 2009


The word that sums up children’s fashion this fall is ease. More than ever before, clothing is about effortless pairing—forget trying to match color-to-color, or even mood-to-mood. There’s nothing wrong with a laid-back tee over a dressy skirt for instance. Ease is interpreted in the softness of this season’s fabrications, and their deliberately unstructured details. Don’t be surprised if you think your son’s tee or sweater is on inside out: exposed seams and raw edges reflect an insouciant charm. Speaking of boys, plenty of hip collections allow for truly stylish dressing. It’s about time!

HIPPY TAKES A BATH—Last spring’s heavily embellished, multi-tiered dressing cleans up. For fall, tiered styles are simplified and embroidery goes from all over to floral bouquets with a hand-stitched feeling.

FABRIC SOFTENER—A tee is the “must have” item to mix with anything. Jersey and super soft cottons, exposed seams and a slightly looser, longer fit update the look.

SKIRT THE ISSUE—Circle skirts in solids, embroidered with a folkloric motifs or fashioned from assorted prints, are a feminine alternative to the ever-popular jeans.

PREMIUM JEANS—Denim pants with a soft hand are an important part of a girl’s wardrobe, especially if their style is a mini-me version of mom’s.

WHAT A TEE—Print it with an animal motif, tie-dye it, splash it with a single dramatic graphic or embellish the top with a rock ‘n roll icon, the Tee is red hot this season.

OVER IT—The way to dress a boy for fall: Layer a short sleeved Tee over a long sleeved tee or a printed, button-down shirt. Throw a hooded jacket over the set and pair it with greaser style jeans. And remember, don’t match!

A LEG UP—You thought girls’ jeans were trendy? Wait until you see their brothers’ pants. Dark-washed in blue or black in boot-cut or straight shapes, boys need a few new pairs to start the year off right.

GRASS IS GREENER-Rich grass greens brighten girls’ and boys’ sweaters, Tees and tights. Pair the happy hue with charcoal or cocoa for a European feeling.

BLUE LAGOON-Cool tones of teal, aqua and sky team up with deep rose for a rich jeweled effect, or add a spark to dark khaki and cocoa.

PURPLE PASSION-What could be more delicious than solids in lilac, orchid-toned pink or plums? A mix of the purple casts head-to-toe.

HOT COCOA-Spring’s bittersweet cocoa is lightened with a spoonful of cream. For a change, try charcoal or mustard.

ORANGE YOU GLAD-A shot of orange lends zest to dark neutrals.

MIX IT UP-Seeing stripes—Up and down, back and forth, stripes are big (or small) especially on tees, polo shirts, and even legwear. What to pair with stripes? Anything.

RUSSIAN DRESSING—The heavily patterned nesting dolls called “Matriochka” are the influence for rich colors, folkloric patterns and hand-stitched embroidery.

SIMPLICITY REIGNS—A single, graphic motif printed on a richly colored Jersey, Tee or dress is a serene alternative to heavy pattern.


Patches -Visible stitching -Embroidered ribbon -Tiny pompoms -fur trim -Ruffles

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