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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tommy Lee dressing your kids?????

Tommy Lee just announced that he would be adding a children's collection to his fashion label, People's Liberation for Tommy Lee.
At a recent appearance at Bloomingdale's in San Francisco, Tommy Lee said that he was excited to get into children's clothing, and that he hoped a complete women's line would be just around the corner.
Would you want Tommy Lee dressing your kids?


Anonymous said...

Tommy Lee looks like he needs help dressing himself! He's not coming anywhere close to my kids!


Anonymous said...

this will be fun to see, if he gets going!!

Anonymous said...

I love him...he's a bad boy with a little boy on the can see the twinkle in his eyes!!! I think its cute!

Anonymous said...

ARe you kidding me? lol My eyes are buggin'! :) What in the world??? Is this a serious thing? Let's hope he doesn't set the next fashion trend!

naomi~ said... got to love him for trying..and the best part is you and I know he will not be the true Designer...but the one who say yes or no...;)

PSBBDesigns said...

Maybe I'm alone in this, but how frustrating/aggrevating is it to do what we do for years and years; just to have someone in the spotlight suddenly think they can design children's clothing?

I totally support famous people using their status to help those less fortunate, but it just irks me when they become designers overnight. It belittles what we've worked so hard on for so long.

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