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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bush may OK rebate check plan to boost economy

WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush is expected to embrace a bipartisan bid today to halt the nation from sliding into an election-year recession - a plan that could put rebate checks of at least $300 in Americans' pockets, congressional sources said.Bush is likely to steer clear of specifics, but for the first time yesterday told congressional leaders he favors tax rebates to jump-start the economy - and those checks reportedly could be as high as $800 per person and $1,600 for households."The president does believe that over the short term, to deal with this softening of the economy, that some boost is necessary," Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto said yesterday.
Congressional sources say that Bush is expected to endorse the broad outlines of a plan that would give rebates of at least $300 to taxpayers almost immediately.
These sources say some in Congress are pushing for rebates twice that size, while Bloomberg News reported that the administration might go as high as $800 for individuals and $1,600 for households. In addition, businesses might be allowed to deduct half of the price of equipment purchases.
What are your thoughts on this is it all good or a little to late..or just trying to shut us up...:)


Anonymous said...

Well I think it is a good thing, and will help in some areas.
We pay enough taxes and it would be nice to get a rebate back.
I for one will not be spending mine on any bills . I am tired of all the money I get to be going to bills. It depends when we get it,
If it is in June then We will be using ours towards our vacation we have not been able to take in over 10 years.

Anonymous said...

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