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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Please mail to Ebay...

This was sent to me to pass on and we shall...and send to ebay... Here you go ladies! Rather than making you hassle with opening a link I pasted it right into the body.

PLEASE feel free to forward this to any other seller might think would want to send it in, make any changes you want......... Thanks for being a part of this grass roots effort to get eBay to listen to us..... Liz

eBay Headquarters:
eBay Inc. 2145 Hamilton Avenue San Jose, California 95125
PayPal Headquarters:
eBay Park North 2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131

Bill Cobb President, eBay North America Dear Mr. Cobb,

I am writing you today to voice my dissatisification with some recent changes eBay has announced. I am both a buyer and a seller here on ebay. I am extremely distressed about eBay's view that sellers cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer. Are you serious? In the 16 months I have been selling on ebay I have only left negative feedback a handful of times and never in retailation. So basically you are going to make possible for buyers to destroy the creditibility of ebay sellers by allowing them to leave negative feedback for us while as a seller I do not have the right to do the same if warranted, oh yes I know that ebay will allow it under certain circumstances, but really there are other reasons to leave a negative feedback besides non payment. You are going to create an atmosphere where the buyer will be able to badger the seller and still leave negative feedback and the seller is powerless to do something about it, oh yes except to report it to eBay. Great eBay is already buyer friendly so whose side are you really going to take??? I do wonder...... Let's see the WHOLE reason eBay exists is the sellers, without us the buyers have nothing to buy and you have nothing to charges fees on...... etsy is looking better and better. AH yes the fees, the second part of my complaint. Somehow you have managed to lower eBay to the "used car salesmen" class. Trying to convince the sellers that you are lowering fees. What a complete joke! Sure you lowered the fees on some things.... BUT you NEGLECTED to mention in your "Ra Ra eBay" e-mail is that you signficantly increased the Final Value Fees (FVF) on the auctions and infact, because of the increase to the FVFs we will not only give back eBay any "savings" we would see from the lowered fees, BUT you will infact be collecting MORE fees overall! You hid that fact and that is slimy business practices! I am absolutely fuming as are many of my seller friends. You may have finally made eBay, aka Feebay, so buyer friendly, seller unfriendly, and full of fees that eBay may not be a going concern in the long term! Good job! KUDOS to you! I read eBay's concerns about buyers leaving the ebay market. Certainly eBay must realize that there is increased competition from other websites and with a tightening ecomony that might also be natural. But to pin on the sellers and not only increase the amount of money you collect from us, but to tie our hands to large degree when faced with a "deadbeat" or difficult buyer is crazy. Good Luck with your new rules leaving eBay's bread and butter out in the cold---- YES sellers are eBay's bread and butter, but you must think of us like trash! Don't worry, the trash may not be around as much- I know that I will be curbing my ebay activity and looking at other avenues to sell my wares. Finally just a thought--- did it ever occur to eBay to look within to control your own costs??


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