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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our first Adpotive Family....

We adopted this family over the summer and made them all tees to wear on their trip to
Mt. Rushmore.

Our group of wonderful ladies from Standing Room Only donated to help this happen. The Designers of Boutique Flourish, went to work on these shirts and made one large family say Cheese.

Rein of Standing Room Only has a client with 14 adopted special needs children. She is a single mom and does this all on her own. She will only fost/adopt fetal alcohol and drug syndrome children. She figures she will take the ones that always get left behind.
Anyhow, she went with Rein and her kids on a road trip to Mt. Rushmore with about half the children in tow. Her housekeeper will move in for the week or two to take care of the ones left behind (those will be the ones in wheelchairs that are...absent minded, lack of a better term). I went to an IEP today for one of the children, though three of them happen to go to this school.

They told me they were sad and I asked why. Morgen and Tyler have Mt. Rushmore clothes and they don't! Since, SRO was looking to adopted and help a family which they call their cause Helpful Hands for the children. I

knew it was a big group..but knew the Designers of Boutique Flourish would do anything to make a child smile. SO, the fabric is on sale at and with the help of the Ladies at was all possible!!!!

Even though we only took a few the all the kids were giving a shirt custom made....;)

Here is a lil history on the kids from they Adoptive Mom Jayne...
Holly: Heart defect, ADHD, asthma, deathly allergic to dairy, G tube for feedings, legally blind in one eye.

Jazlyn: Oppositional defiant, emotionally disturbed, very violent when mad! ADHD, Bi Polar

Angelina: Marsfans, Lupus, asthma Dominique: Her heart is wired together. One punch in the chest and she could drop dead. Asthma, deathly allergic to milk, g tube for feeding

Julianna: mental retardation, legally blind, hermaphroditism, heart defects, dairy allergies, g tube for feeding, thinking multiple personalities due to molestation for first 7 yrs of life (this is before

Jayne got her, she fought to get the twin), and sooo much more

Elizabeth: mental retardation, hermaphroditism, heart defects, dairy allergies, g tube for feeding.. a bit higher functioning than her twin. Whitney: autistic and mental retardation, deathly allergic to dairy, asthma, seizure disorder

Makayla: mental retardation, g tube for feeding, asthma, seizure disorder, legally blind Monique: Mental retardation (very severe) and Uni Polar, legally blind in one eye.

Christina: Not sure, but she is vegetable like. Wears diapers, very poor speech, sits and watches tv. No muscular ability.
Ben: Still in diagnosis stage, but most likely Down's, cerebral palsey, and dwarf syndrome of sorts. G tube for feeding, can't walk at all or talk. He is ten days younger than my son Takoda

Jessica: Down's syndrome, dwarf syndrome of sorts, lifeless at birth, g tube for feeding, MR, asthma, seizure disorder, and she has a completely twisted bowel. Will probably always do g tube feedings.

Mom, left her hubby back in the 80s. He was using and cheating! She is a Vietnam nurse veteran and has seen it all. She was a respiratory therapist for years at Cedars Sinai Hospital (home to the stars). She has been fostering for 20 yrs. Ben is the first boy!

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