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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Huh..VIBRATORS for our teens....

Oparh and Laura Berman talk about VIBRATORS

Sure, we tell our daughters about the birds and the bees ... but teaching them about VIBRATORS is another thing altogether!
Recently on "Oprah," Dr. Laura Berman suggested that introducing the concept of vibrators to our teen daughters might be a good idea. After all, many if not most teens are seeking sexual satisfaction from their classmates and other inexperienced jerks who often love 'em and leave 'em. Why not a vibrator? They can't get pregnant from a vibe. And they can't get an STD from one either!
Yup, this is what Oprah wants you to teach your ten-year-old. Who needs Larry Flynt's filth, when you can hear this gross fantasy on daytime television? Where the heck is the FCC? So, Howard Stern has to be censored, but this goes on the airwaves, interruption-free?

How do you feel and think about this!! All I can say is it was not easy talking about menstruation, let alone sex..


Anonymous said...

I personally can't stand Oprah and all her "friends"! I know many people think she walks on water but truthfully, I think she has hurt these past few generations with some of her nonsense views. It seems as if Oprah says to do it, then half of America jumps up and robotically does whatever she commands!

As for this issue, it is EXTEMELY disturbing! Not only because they are telling us what we should teach our children, for which half of America will go immediately do because she said so, but even more so, they are saying to not worry about your sexual purity but just do it yourself. What about teaching self worth and self control? Most importly, why does Oprah think she has the right to tell parents how to raise their children when she's never been a parent herself...hmmm?

acrummylife said...

Oh my goodness. I am floored. I agree with the previous post that we are in an Oprah culture and what she says and what is said on her television show and radio show are taken as Fact, Truth, and the only way to go. I can tell you as a mom to four girls this is NOT something that I will be teaching them.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to talk about this with my daughter at any age!!! Why was this on tv when little ones are awake??? Shame on her!!!

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